Mark Rosenberg Music

These songs are royalty and come with a license agreement that can be viewed below. You are free to use these songs as please as long as you provide a credit and understand the conditions listed in the description. You can contact me directly with any questions at Way better site coming soon. 

License Agreement:

In purchasing this album of royalty-free songs or any of the tracks as individual songs, you are agreeing that:
I am providing a fully revocable license to you to use the song that was purchased (the “Work”) in return for $3 per song or $10 total. You acknowledge the sufficiency of this consideration. This license can be revoked by me by written notice at any time for any reason or no reason at all and I will supply a refund of the purchase. If the license is revoked, you must cease using the work immediately. I retain all rights of authorship in the Work including but not limited to the right to publish, copy, and sell the Work and the right to create derivative works form the Work. The license to use the Work that I am granting does not entitle you to make derivative works and does not entitle you to any ownership or other interest in any derivative works I create.