Mark Rosenberg


Hailing from Connecticut, Mark is the band's East Coast representative. He knows what it's like to not live in California and he shows it through his emotional, heartfelt lyrics. Raised in a small seaside town in Connecticut, Mark has been playing music since the age of 5, from Piano to Clarinet, to the inevitable guitar upon turning 7. In high school, Mark began writing and producing his own music. The music of modern artists such as Dispatch, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Jason Mraz and many more brought Mark's musical taste to folk. He soon fell in love with the music and poetry of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens. It was not a far leap for the similar poetic lyrics and diverse and technical nature of the music of the Grateful Dead to absorb Mark and his love for music. For years now, Mark has been exploring the catalog of the Grateful Dead as well as The Allman Brothers Band and Phish. For him, it has always been a challenge he was willing to take on; to play and write as intricately and deliberately as appropriate, while keeping an ear open for improvisation as these bands have.


In college, in New York, Mark began the next step in his musical career, playing throughout New York City. Mark has performed solo (acoustic guitar, vocals, and his trusty harmonica) all throughout New York City, Long Island and Connecticut. He formed a band, the Mark Rosenberg Band, to support his second album he released, titled 'On The Way Home,' with numerous songs written with his songwriting partner and lyricist, Josh Rifkin (also a Tandem Unicycle collaborator). They had a packed venue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for the release party. After feeling burnt out and recognizing that roses never grow in New York City, Mark went home


to Connecticut to take care of his parents; his father had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. After seeing that through, he hit the road to sunnier and happier landscapes. In SoCal, Mark had already played solo in Los Angeles as well as Anaheim, but grew tired of having to prove himself entertaining at every show, as is required for a solo performer. Mark wrote a very pointed craigslist post looking for a group of talented musicians looking to take it all the way. The rest is history...


Some of Mark's favorite bands of all time are: Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Phish, Dispatch, The Band, Allman Brothers Band, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, moe., Amos Lee, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, John Butler, Nick Drake, Led Zeppelin, and a million more.