Kurt Hessian



Once that was done, Kurt had a 1st and 3rd place trophy from his high school battle of the bands, best hair, and a decent reputation as a musician before going to college. In college, Kurt’s musical repertoire expanded a lot as he could never deny what his ear found catchy as fuck. That ultimately led him to explore other genres, or no genres for that matter. In 2015, Kurt started Tandem Unicycle with childhood acquaintance Colin Haase, as an offshoot of his latest metal venture. Their goal from the start has been to make good music, with no boundaries and lot of attitude. Tandem has now taken Kurt to new heights in his musical endeavors. Him and his band mates Mark, Zach, and Colin are constantly pushing the bar with their bold, new rock sound that has gained them a loyal cult following. Catch him on stage at any Tandem Unicycle Show and give home a fist bump so he’ll know you read this.

He’s the tallest member of Tandem Unicycle, and that’s only the half of it. Kurt has been a self proclaimed “guitarist” since he picked up the instrument on his 13th b-day. At 13 and 1 day, Kurt joined his first band with his neighborhood friends and never looked back, in regards to playing guitar that is, the band obviously sucked and didn’t last.

With his newfound passion manifesting in the mid 2000s, Kurt found himself drawn to classic rock rather than the more popular hardcore and metal genres of the times... for about 2 seconds. Not long after thinking that nothing can top the insane licks of
Slash, Kurt found himself infatuated with the extreme, brutal, over the top insanity of hardcore music. He then started some more bands tasked with making the heaviest, most savage, experimental and game changing music this world has ever seen.