Being influenced by the band AC/DC in middle school, Colin started his path to learn the ways of rock and roll by learning to play guitar. After a year of dabbling on his dad’s guitars, he began to take private guitar lessons for 5 years, including sound engineering, vocal, and band practice lessons. After grasping genres, such as Funk, Reggae, Country, Blues, Rock, and Metal, he used this array of tools to develop his own rock style of guitar bringing it first to the high school rock band, Dodging Traffic. After the band went their separate ways moving onto college, he joined a ska band known as the Orange County Degenerates, OCD for short. Needing more intensity, Colin joined the metal band Paradise in Exile, PIE for short. After shredding with the band for many years, the vocalist decided to call it quits. Three of it’s remaining members, Jon on drums, Kurt on guitar, and Colin on guitar shifted their efforts towards producing the experimental rock band Tandem Unicycle. In the most recent years, Colin has furthered his musical studies learning the ways of jazz guitar.

Since the start of his music career, Colin has become influenced by bands such as AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Pantera, Mars Volta, Kendrick Lamar, Pink Floyd, System of a Down, and Guthrie Govan, (also including The Aristocrats). Furthermore, Colin desiring to understand the perspective of other musicians has learned instruments such as drums, bass guitar, piano, and can also sing.  On top of this long list, Colin has also been a sound engineer for the past 6 years editing, mixing, and sometimes mastering Paradise in Exile’s and Tandem Unicycle’s music, as well as other bands and projects.


Colin Haase