The Band

Saturday August 25th, 2018: 

Like all Saturdays, anyone driving past the Anaheim Packing District will see it bustling with foodies, art patrons, youngsters and families alike. Some are enjoying the food, others the booze and others the lively atmosphere. From the street, you can see straight into the semi-outdoor MAKE Brewing Company. In the middle of the MAKE you can see four dudes looking like they’re about to play some music. Your intuition is right. 

Without notice, it starts. It takes about a second for heads to turn, like everyone’s eyes want in on the party their ears are having. They take a second to match faces to instruments and then realize that they dig it, they’re surprised, and they dig that too. That’s usually how the start of World Tilts goes, which is tonight’s intro song, played by, none other than… fucking Tandem Unicycle! The crowd naturally grows more intrigued about how to interpret this act. Its definitely rock, definitely… but they want to define it more. How can it be so familiar yet so fresh? The dance beat in the chorus helps make that distinction a little clearer, but Mark Rosenberg’s vox keep you hopped up on nostalgia for when dope ass rock bands had dope ass singers. 3 minutes and 24 seconds later everything seems to be at a slight angle, Tandem Unicycle just brought you into their world and its tilted. 

Not your average rock/folk/blues/jam/psychedelic band, Tandem Unicycle aims to please listeners with infectious hooks, hair-raising performances, memorable grooves, and compelling song arrangements. Established in 2016, Tandem Unicycle is now on its second cycle, with new member Zach Lehrich taking the seat on drums. With a rapidly growing SoCal fanbase, Tandem Unicycle is on its way to becoming a staple in the Southern California rock scene. With a slew of upcoming shows and media releases, the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 will surely be a memorable time to see this astonishingly entertaining band. 

Mark Rosenberg - vocals, guitar, bass 
Colin Haase - guitar, vocals, bass 
Kurt Hessian - guitar, bass, vocals 
Zach Lehrich - drums yo